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Our dream is to make La Perla Ranch the best bass fishing destination in the country.  We are well on our way to making that dream a reality and are to a point where we can offer a limited number of trips to the public.

We run a strict catch and release program at La Perla other than small bass culling for population control.  We consistently see 10-pound largemouth bass pulled out of both the La Perla and Waterworld Lakes.  On February 19, 2015 Blair Schwarz was on a final cast of the day before heading into camp and nailed the ranch record 14:3 pounder seen in the photos on this page.  This fish was immediately picked up by the Texas Parks and Wildlife department Sharelunker program. 

As with our deer and upland bird programs, our fish have a continuous intensive management program at the ranch consisting of aggressive forage enhancement coupled with  a bimonthly population study with culling and regular water testing performed on all lakes. 

Our packages are designed to be exclusive and preserve the catch-ability of the fish.  Over-fishing a lake will result in the bass population being ‘trained’ to lures and thus, harder to catch.  We will limit the number of people on the lake to 6 at any one time in a maximum of two boats.  We also limit the number of total fishing days including owner and family to 8 per month, giving the bass 23 days on average to not see a lure.

This reduced fishing pressure should ensure a quality fishing experience to be had by our clients. That is how we create the best bass fishing experience anywhere.

Bass Fishing at La Perla

fishing prices

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Weekend Rates


1-2 persons: $4,000 p/person.
  3-4 persons: $3,700 p/person.
  extra days available for $1,500 p/person

Mid-Week Rates

 (any 2 days from Mon-Thu)

1-2 persons: $3,700 p/person.
  3-4 persons: $3,500 p/person.
  extra days available for $1,500 p/person

Youth rates:

  Up to 10 years old: $500/day
11 to 14 years old: $750/day
15 to 18 years old: $1,200/day

Non-Fishing Guests:

  $350/day for room and board


– Two full days of fishing (arrive at noon on first day and leave at noon on the third day).
  – Use of our Tracker Bass Boats
  – Comfortable nightly accommodations
  – Delicious Meals & refreshments

Bring your own fishing tackle to use at La Perla, making sure the fishing line be newly purchased. We have very strict controls in place to avoid contamination of our lakes with the invasive Toxic Golden Algae that is causing fish kills in other Texas reservoirs.  Because we want to avoid contamination, we do not allow any outside boats to be placed in our lakes. 


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The Best Bass Fishing at La Perla

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Only 35 minutes south of the Laredo International Airport, La Perla Ranch is centrally located on US Highway 83 midway between Laredo and Zapata, Texas.

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